Helpful Conversations

Helpful Conversations are a goal-oriented series of personalized, structured dialogues, centered on you: your values and interests, your present, past and future, your questions, your worries, your desires, your happiness and the obstacles that stand in its way. We'll aim to understand each other face-to-face, with real depth, honestly, objectively, effectively, without judgment, humanely, in simple words. If you want to see real results, I expect you to take part in the conversation as an equally engaged partner. Be present. Be bluntly honest with me and especially with yourself. If necessary, show a willingness to question your own ideas.

We will bring up thoughts or feelings that may come as a surprise, and touch on topics that may be sensitive or uncomfortable for you. Dialogue is not always easy or pleasant, and when done well, it takes a lot of energy from both parties. Don't expect me to examine you and give you a prescription, like a specialist. There is no use for diagnoses in matters of the soul, and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. What is medicine for me may be poison for you.

Only you know your own answers. They are already there, hidden and covered within you. I can help you find those with which you can be the most identical, most authentic self. During our dialogues, we'll merely discover and connect the dots from which your true contours emerge. The emphasis is on working together: relying on your own strengths and mobilizing your creative energies, I help you discover the hidden pitfalls of your thinking, to face your real drives and find the important questions that lead you to your own truth. This is the art of conversation.

"The answer is easy once you know what the question is."

Helpful Conversations or Therapy?

Helpful Conversations are not psychotherapy.
When to choose me? When search for a therapist?

Choose Helpful Conversations

If you feel mentally healthy, but you are facing a problem for which you need help. If your life is stuck and you want to move on in some direction. If you are faced with important decisions, new goals, a new relationship, a new career, but you do not have access to your inner resources. If you have a hard time making decisions and moving on, if the idea of change fills you with fear. Or if you just want to improve.

Rather search for a therapist

If you feel that you cannot control your emotions, you often cry or have unreasonable outbursts of anger. If you have had thoughts of suicide, if you suffer from severe depression and do not see a way out. If you live in a humiliating, abusive relationship. If you are struggling with a serious addiction. If you have been exposed to seriously traumatizing effects.

"Let's connect your dots, draw your outlines,
and find your true colors."

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Bálint Rádóczy was born in Budapest, 1977. After completing his studies in communication and media studies at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Szeged, he worked in the advertising industry for nearly a decade, then completed a master's degree in fine arts at the University of Zurich. For twenty years, he has been involved in the cultural life of the city as the creative director of the only arthouse cinema of the region. His artistic activity is in the field of photography, film and performative practices. Due to his interest in humanity, after gathering enough life experience he turned to the helping profession after completing the Pro Bona's personal development studies. He believes that in personal crises, face-to-face contact, one-on-one dialogue is the most effective way to clear things of the soul. His mentor and supervisor is Dr. Amaryl Árkovits, psychotherapist.

"A problem is an inevitable possibility."


· self-knowledge, self-confidence, self-development
· handling relationship difficulties
· finding a partner, starting over, life cycle changes 
· solving career and workplace issues
· removing lifestyle blockages
· mapping of internal resources
· mobilizing creative energies
· outlining and implementing goals
· parent-child relationship problems
· decision making, internal dilemmas  
· confirmation of preformed decisions
· stress management
· identity, self-acceptance
· coming out

Let's just talk about it.


Bálint Rádóczy

Helpful Conversations
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7621 Pécs, Rákóczi út 1. V. em.

Weekly personal or online conversations in Hungarian or English, bound by complete professional confidentiality. Get in touch by phone in advance, with a brief summary of the problem. Meetings can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Price (50 minutes)

In Hungarian language 15.000 HUF
In English language 19.000 HUF